In a grim precursor to the political aspirations of John Mapurazi, a Kwekwe miner eyeing the Kwekwe Central constituency seat on a Zanu PF ticket, supporters who were doing a door-to-door campaign for him ahead of the March 26 byelections were reportedly chased away by irate residents from getting into their homes.

It is reported that at one house in Amaveni suburb, where Mapurazi used to stay, an angry Zanu PF supporter armed with an axe and a knobkerrie told Mapurazi’s campaign team that he did not want to see them ‘stepping their feet’ into the premises of his residence.

“Most people told us that they did not want to see us stepping into their homes,” said a member of the Zanu PF campaign team who spoke to this publication.

“It actually appears that the decision that was taken by the ruling party to have Mapurazi as its candidate is now backfiring. It is now clear that Zanu PF will not retain the Kwekwe Central seat and Judith Tobaiwa (of the Citizens Coalition for Change party) is one foot into the House of Assembly,” said the source.

Mapurazi was confirmed as the sole party candidate at the eleventh hour after the ruling party took a dramatic decision to dismiss the CVs of Kandros Mugabe and Energy Dhala Ncube, who is also nephew to the humiliatingly dismissed former state security minister Owen Mudha Ncube.

The party’s Midlands provincial chairman Larry Mavhima could not be reached for comment during the time of writting.