GAIKA Gold Mine in Kwekwe, which recently opened under a Community Ownership Trust, has temporarily ceased operations following the death of two people after a war of machetes broke out.

The mine, which has been closed for the past 20 years, was reopened in February following the intervention of Mbizo Legislator Cde Vongaiishe Mpereri as a Community Ownership Trust where youths take turns to extract the precious mineral.

 But violence has reared its ugly head at the mine last week with machete wars being the order of the day as the youths reportedly fight for pits.

A disturbing video of one of the clashes is available on online.

Two people, a security guard manning the mine and a youth, have reportedly died while several others were injured as a result of the violent running battles.

Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende said the reports were yet to reach her office.