The family of a Kwekwe man who was last year blessed with a wheelchair by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife Auxillia, has implored on an aspiring Zanu PF MP to take him out of the African township of Amaveni where he is exposed to marijuana- a drug which they say had a negative impact on his mental stability, Zwnews reports.

Mandy Nyama, who is sister to Dexter- a former soccer goalie and longtime relief teacher who was blessed with a brand-new wheelchair courtesy of the First Family after he was found scrolling along the streets of Amaveni- said her brother’s mental challenges emanated from mbanje abuse.

In her emotional address to Energy ‘Dhala’ Ncube, an aspiring parliamentarian for Kwekwe Central last Friday, Nyama said her brother who again, received another wheelchair from the 26-year old Zanu PF politician, was still indulging in marijuana abuse, adding that it was going to be helpful if authorities were going to facilitate his relocation out of Amaveni

The populous neighborhood is Kwekwe’s oldest township with the notoriety of rampant drug peddling and other interdicted criminal activities.

“I would wish to say thank you Honourable MP (Ncube) and Zanu PF for the donation which is very important for his wellbeing. But I would also want to say it was really going to be better if you were going to assist in his relocation to some other place, because he’s really exposed to Mebane around this place,” she said.

Mandy also added that, at one time, psychologists assigned to him discovered that “Dexter’s head had been filled with smoke”.

The former St Martin’s Primary School teacher reportedly blocked efforts by the medical staffers who wanted to partake on the amputation of his second leg in 2011.

Mandy said the apparently intellect popular Kwekwe figure who was an amazing shot-stopper, said he ‘wanted to die like Bob Marley’- hence the fruitless efforts he made in halting the amputation of his second leg to save his life.

Addressing a handful of Covid19-conversant ruling party supporters at the Nyama residence in Amaveni, Ncube said he decided to donate to Nyama after the one he received from the country’s most powerful couple got broken down.

He said it was also going to be of no use for people to wait for Mnangagwa to travel from Harare and donate to the wheelchair-bound former goalkeeper of the now defunct lower division soccer side, Sables FC.

Otherwise known as Dhala, the youthful Kwekwe Central aspirant is locked in a vicious battle with Kandros Mugabe, a miner-cum-cleric who is also vying for the same seat on a Zanu PF ticket.