Another Jah Prayzah song for VP Mnangagwa??? People react

LATEST: Musician Jah Prayzah’s forthcoming album titled “Kutonga Kwaro” has been dragged into Zanu PF succession politics by some people pushing for Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from President Robert Mugabe.

 Though the album, Jah Prayzah’s seventh, will only be released on October 13, some opportunistic Mnangagwa followers have renamed the award-winning artiste’s yet-to-be-released project “Kutonga Kwaro Garwe” in line with the Vice President’s nickname.

Kutonga Kwaro Garwe

An amended cover of Jah Prayzah’s forthcoming album inscribed “Kutonga Kwaro Garwe” has flooded social media with Higher education minister Jonathan Moyo- who is said to be aligned to the rival G40 faction- posting it on his Twitter page and ominously asking: Is this for real?
This is not the first time Jah Prayzah has been sucked into the Zanu PF succession puzzle. Last year some members of the Lacoste faction claimed that the Uzumba-born artiste’s song “Mudhara Achauya” was a prophectic track about Mnangagwa’s ascension to power.

The song praises a powerful father figure —Shumba inoruma (a vicious lion). Curiously, Mnangagwa is of the Shumba totem.
The G40 faction has also latched onto “Mudhara Achauya.” It is now the “theme song” at Mugabe’s ongoing Presidential Youth Interface Rallies currently taking place across the country. daily news