There is shock and surprise in South Africa over a proposed sponsorship of Tottenham Hotspur by South African Government through its marketing agency, SA Tourism.

Documents obtained by daily online publication, Daily Maverick, reveal that government is on the verge of finalising the sponsorship deal worth close to R1 billion.

Spurs is the 10th richest club in the UK and its revenue for 2022 was just more than 406 million Euro.

The combined wealth of the club’s owners is almost $6 billion.

Most South Africans, meanwhile, are living in poverty, while others are buckling under financial pressures following interest rate and fuel hikes as well as rolling blackouts.

Reactions: Knives out for Lindiwe Sisulu

LB: SO…. we have no power, no water, no jobs, no hope. BUT….. Master ANC criminal and Mafia head LINDIWE SISULU is spending almost R1 billion to FUND A UK FOOTBALL CLUB!! WTAF?? ANC MUST FALL NOW!!

CVZ:Typical ANC – let’s blow R1 billion on an international hospitality suite opportunity for ANC fat cats rather than spend money where it matters – back home. It’s the ANC way. As for Lindiwe Sisulu – talk about the devil wears Prada.

MDA: I think Min. Lindiwe Sisulu, like Pres. Ramaphosa, is so insulated by her vast wealth that she is completely out of touch with the reality of how ordinary South Africans are suffering, or she doesn’t care. Marie Antoinette comes to mind.

MA:Haai Lindiwe Sisulu lenne is giving mainstream media ammunition to distract us from the current crisis’ like no water, stage 6, petrol price hike etc. Yeer

MDA: So I see the Daily Maverick reports that Lindiwe Sisulu, wants so spend, give or take R 1 billion sponsoring Tottenham Hotspur. We could have constructed about 45 flag poles plus another one half the size, and received the same reward. What is wrong with our leaders?