The late sungura musician, System Tazvida’s wife Barbra Mabuyayi has remarried, albeit in a levirate marriage (kugara nhaka) where she is now married to her deceased husband’s nephew.

King Tazvida told H-Metro that he had since inherited his uncle’s widow, adding that they have been together for three years now.

“Ndini ndava nemukadzi, ndidni ndakagara nhaka sezvo uchiziva kuti muzukuru mudonzvo saka ndini ndakazotora mukadzi”.

King Tazvida marries system’s wife

King insists that he was meant to inherit his uncle’s widow as he had been chosen by System. “I used to sing as a boy and he would jokingly ask me if I want to take his wife using my voice so I’m not surprised that we are an item now. I was married before inheriting my uncle’s widow so yes you can say I have two wives now,” he said.

Commenting on his relationships with his uncles, (Tazvida brothers) after inheriting their brother’s widow, King says their feud only seems to be with him and leading the band, otherwise they do not seem worried by the widow inheritance.

Widow inheritance is a cultural and social practice whereby a widow is required to marry a male relative of her late husband, often his brother.

“They are only more concerned about the band rather than the widow so we have not clashed when it comes to Barbra. Our only issue is about the band which they want to take over, but I have since refused as I was given authority to lead the band by Barbra. hmetro