Former ZANU-PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu has blasted the government’s way of dealing with criticism.

Zivhu says out of the fired MPs only him had a vehicle given to him while he was MP taken away, because he is critic to the government.

Zivhu believes the government should be able to take and tolerate constructive criticism.

“Zimbabwean Government’s way of dealing with criticism, yakaoma chokwadi out of more than 30 fired Mps, ndini ndoga ndatorerwa motor ne Zimra yandakapiwa ne Paliament, kkkkk zvakaoma zve Boyz idzi, but I will continue driving hangu handizofambi netsoka,” he says.

Meanwhile, Zivhu recently fell at loggerheads with ZANU-PF when he along with Temba Mliswa met G40 member Saviour Kasukuwere.

They were treated as ‘sellouts’ for meeting Kasukuwere.

Apparently, Zivhu has urged all Zimbabweans to treat each other with respect regardless of political affiliations.

“Kasukuwere Chamisa, Jonathan Moyo, Sikhala, Biti, Hopewell and others, they are all Zimbabweans, they deserve a right to say what they want about their Country, let’s stop treating each other like foreigners in our Mother land , because they don’t agree with you,” he says.