THE MDC-T interim leader Thokozani Khupe is reportedly targeting to recall Kwekwe and Redcliff mayors, their deputies and some other councillors this week, it has been gathered.

Khupe has recently been on the rampage, purging MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s loyalists in councils across the country, in a move meant to weaken him.

The purges have been severe in Harare and Bulawayo in recent weeks and Khupe’s faction seems not to be relenting.

However, a local publication has gathered from reliable sources that Khupe was now targeting Kwekwe mayor Angeline Kasipo and her deputy, Shadreck Tobaiwa and the Redcliff mayor Clayton Masiyatsva and deputy Vincent Masiiwa.

“Khupe’s faction is targeting to recall mayor Angeline Kasipo and her deputy Shadreck Tobaiwa. Other councillors targeted are Ward 3 councillor Pikurai Msipha, Ward 5 councillor Melody Chingarande and Ward 14 councillor Eric Rukavhairo,” a source privy to the goings on said.

Only three councillors from Kwekwe have crossed the floor to join Khupe.

The three are; Joshua Tinago Ward 11, Mercy Ranga Ward 4 and Future Titora Ward 2 and are guaranteed of surviving the axe.

According to MDC Alliance Midlands provincial spokesperson Takavafira Zhou, the party is unfazed by the recalls.

“Politics is about grassroots support and we are aware the MDC Alliance has a credible grassroots support so much that the departure of the trio has no political traction.

“Soon they may regret their move as the ascendancy of MDC Alliance is unstoppable,” he said.

“Sooner or later we will convert our popularity into state power. No amount of force, brutality and chicanery can stop an idea whose time is up. Chamisa and MDC Alliance are the real deal in Zimbabwe’s political future.”

Meanwhile, MDC-T acting spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni claimed ignorance on the pending recalls.

“I don’t know about those recalls, I am yet to get such information,” he told the publication.