Kenya’s main opposition leader Raila Odinga says he doesn’t recognise William Ruto as the country’s President and calls for his immediate resignation.

Odinga demands that the records and details for the just ended election be made public, however Ruto says time for threats is over.

“We reject the 2022 election results. We won’t recognize the regime and consider the government illegitimate.

“We don’t recognize Mr. Ruto as President of Kenya and we equally don’t recognize any officials in office with him,” says Odinga.

Ruto beat Odinga in the August elections, which the later went on to challenge in court.

Electoral commission chair declared Ruto the then deputy president winner of tight race as other senior officials disowned results.

Kenya’s Supreme Court on Monday, September 5, 2022 upheld William Ruto’s victory in the August 9 presidential election.