HE is used to addressing huge crowds, but his experience in Kenya was something else and it blew away Prophet Walter Magaya.

And, so has the VVIP treatment he received in the East African nation, during his mega service which drew thousands of worshippers.

The photographs and videos, tell the story of how the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader’s tour of Kenya was a success story. Last night, he spoke to H-Metro.

“The attendance was recorded as the first such crowd for a church service in Kenya and we were joined by some of our members from various countries, who are connected with Kenya,” said Magaya.

“For me, the reception itself quickened my faith in God, the motorcade that escorted us was a sign and a voice of God to me that He wanted to speak and show himself to mankind.

“I want to thank President Mnangagwa for upholding peace in our country which then enables us to seek God’s face and favour.

“Secondly, I thank PHD local, and international prayer partners, who paved the way for me to visit Kenyans, who were longing for us to pronounce blessings, in their mother country.

“I thank the Kenyan Government for the grand reception they gave us. We were received by Kenyan governors, parliamentarians and we were hosted at Serena Hotel.

“Our own Zimbabwe Ambassador to Kenya also graced our services and that alone gave us comfort in the Lord and the rest was God ministering to Kenyans.

“If you welcome a man of God, surely you open gates for His goodness and mercy and many people received their miracles.”

Prophet Magaya had been one of the promoters of domestic, and religious tourism, before Covid-19 struck.

A number of his followers frequented his Yadah Hotel, where he used to attract huge crowds.

He visited the East African country last Thursday for two-day prayer meetings and was expected to return home last night.

He has also lined up similar services in Bulawayo, Gweru and Harare this coming weekend.