Bindura: Zanu PF Minister  Martin Dinha, Central Committee members and legislators yesterday hammered the final nail in  Saviour Kasukuwere’s political career, saying he should resign as the party’s national commissar and pave way for a mature and principled leader ahead of next year’s general elections.

They said it was suicidal for the revolutionary party to head for elections with a divisive national commissar who spent much of his time scheming against fellow party cadres, including President Mugabe.

This followed a highly subscribed demonstration by thousands of party members in Bindura yesterday against Kasukuwere and his half-brother  Dickson Mafios, who are now known as the “Matope brothers” after usurping provincial powers to their village in Rushinga.

Mafios is the Mashonaland Central acting provincial chairperson.

The demonstrators called for the expulsion of the pair from the ruling party on allegations of plotting to unseat President Mugabe unconstitutionally.

Kasukuwere stands accused of having an unbridled ambition which has seen him trying to capture party structures by imposing candidates.

However, his supporters believe that the protests are being stage managed by VP Mnangagwa’s Lacoste Team in a bid to clear the way for the Midlands godfather to takeover from( the wheelchair bound) Mugabe when he retires.