Exiled former cabinet minister and Generation 40 kingpin Savior Kasukuwere has urged fellow Zimbabweans to get vaccinated against Covid 19.

Kasukuwere says by getting vaccinated, people can save their families and communities.

“Vaccination is essential. This messaging is very important.

“Let’s all keep encouraging friends and family to get vaccinated.

“In being vaccinated you have saved your community, friends and family. DO IT.

Meanwhile, renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says lockdowns are not working in Zimbabwe because they are not being adhered to owing to the bad economic scenario.

He says:

“Lockdowns are a Western tool that ONLY works when people stay at home because the economy is able to support them, and those not employed are given a social welfare grant.

“In Zimbabwe it is not working because everyone has to hustle to earn a meal day by day so they are going out.”