Zim is my country . …. I don’t need to seek permission from anyone . No criminal charge to worry about: Kasukuwere

There is confusion in the Mugabe backed NFP after it’s founding fathers Patrick Zhuwao, Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere disagreed bitterly after the later decided to end 5 months of exile and return to Zimbabwe to lead an opposition party.

It all started when Mugabe’s nephew and ex-cabinet minister Patrick Zhuwao wrote a bulletin mourning that his close ally Saviour Kasukuwere has been hired by president ED to neutralize their party.

He went on to say that Kasukuwere was already in Zimbabwe secretly attending NFP political meetings with the full knowledge and blessings of Mnangagwa and the army that toppled his uncle in November, 2017.

Zhuwao was backed in his claims by Professor Jonathan Moyo, G40 kingpin who is in self exile after Mugabe’s fall.

Without hinting on whether he is now the new NFP leader or not, Kasukuwere made it clear that he is back with a bang.

“Zim is my country. When I decide on my on to go back to my country I will. I don’t need to seek permission from anyone. No criminal charge to worry about,” he said.

He said this after Prof Moyo revealed that Kasukuwere has been begging for clemence from CIOs, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga for the past 5 months and he is the brainchild of  ” New Dispensation” jaggon now widely used by the current Zanu PF leadership.

“The term NEW DISPENSATION to define period after illegal ouster of Pres Mugabe was coined & first used in a tweet by @Hon_Kasukuwere on 21/11/17 shortly after Pres Mugabe’s forced resignation. Last 5 months he’s been negotiating with ED, Chiwenga & CIO’s Isaac Moyo to return!,” he said.

 Meanwhile NPF interim secretary-general Shadreck Mashayamombe yesterday told reporters that Kasukuwere would be confirmed as their new leader soon.

“He is coming back and coming to lead us this week,” he said.