By Stanley Goreraza | Zimbabwe is both funny and sad that we could actually wake up one day to news that Saviour Kasukuwere is signing papers on behalf of Zimbabwe at State House. With the 1Gb of memory most of us in Zimbabwe have, especially the G40 infatuated MDC, who would remember that Saviour Kasukuwere was one of the architects of Murambatsvina? Who would remember that Saviour Kasukuwere was in the committee that provided funds and logistics for the 5000 soldiers in civilian clothing, who killed and terrorised innocent Zimbabweans in 2008 on General Chiwenga’s orders? Kasukuwere at one time boasted he was the “illest” thug in Zimbabwe, does anyone remember? How do you think Kasukuwere built that massive mansion, that he denied was his before a legal process put him right at the decadent property? Is all forgiven?

Do you really think scum bags like Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo would be saying what they are saying today if they were still in power? Have you forgotten the outrageous anti people things they would say in their days in the sun?

People, it seems, have forgotten how much they loathed Jonathan Moyo and his sickening and revolting appearances on Zbc. Would you be so stupid as to think of him now as friend and ally?

Come on people! God Whom through His mysterious power removed these wretches from power and authority , did so for good reason. It would be tragic if we were to fold our hands and watch them regain power after all they have done. Jonathan defended the killing of innocent Zimbabweans. He defended corruption. He defended a brutal dictatorship. He gave up his right to criticize or condemn anyone. He has no right to participate in the shaping of Zimbabwe’s future, and neither does Kasukuwere and the rest of that wretched G40 mob. They miss being worshipped and enjoying a luxurious life catered for by tax dollars. That is all that motivates them to rattle the sabre.

They have assured themselves that if Mnangagwa loses power then would it be safe to return to Zimbabwe. But No, no, no! They should never be safe back home. They have serious charges to answer to which include crimes against humanity and economic crimes. They must never be allowed to walk into the sun on the back of a horse. Zimbabwe is not short of decent people and desperate that we are open to Kasukuwere being President, mbavha ne mhondi?

There is a recycling machine in our politics and we must get rid of it.

Source: Stanley Goreraza