Lovemore Lubinda

The Minister for Local Government in Zimbabwe Saviour Kasukuwere has blamed the Movement for Democratic Change that is led by Morgan Tsvangirai of frustrating his efforts to fight typhoid.

Addressing the press conference on typhoid alert that was held at the ministry of Health Offices in Harare yesterday, the Minister said it is disheartening that when his ministry tries to bring sanity to the city, the party seems to be bent on upsetting the apple cart.

“We have been trying our best to bring sanity in the city. Our major drawback is that our comrades at Harvest House don’t want the vendors near their Headquarters tempered with.

“I have been to Mutare recently, the city is very clean, the local authority there when ordered to remove illegal vendors they can do just that, and as such the city is one of the cleanest,” he said.

He also rapped the local authority for allowing the establishment of buildings in contravention of the environmental laws. He gave reference to the shopping mall and marketing stall that were built along Simon Mazorodze Road in Mbare, that was reported to have blocked drainage in the area causing runoff water to flood back into the residential area.

“The buildings were built in a way that is not environmental friendly, there are structures like a dam wall, and when runoff bit the wall it is forced back into the people’s homes,” said Kasukuwere.

The minister added that in such instances it is to the best interest of the public health that such buildings be demolished.

Kasukuwere went on to say that such tendencies are retrogressive and called for unity of purpose in solving critical matters especially concerning public health. “There is urgent need to restore order in the city, or otherwise we are moving into the dangerous territory,” he added.

Meanwhile, Harare mayor councillor Bernard Manyenyeni who was present at the event said he would engage his colleagues at Harvest House to be cooperative with the vendor clearing efforts by Kasukuwere.

“I have taken the minister’s concerns over the Harvest House issue, I belong there and I will engage my colleagues there so that there is unity in fighting the menace,” he said.

Be that as it may, it seems there is a row between Kasukuwere and the local authority which is primarily dominated by members of the MDC-T, in recent times, his ministry had been locked in battles with Town House, particularly over the appointment of a Town Clerk. The council have been accused of sleeping on duty and failing to uphold its mandate, amid rampant corruption within its ranks.