A Taxi driver was brutally murdered at a lodge located 100 meters from Masvingo Police Station on Sunday evening.

According to the police Josiah Rimayi(Rimai) was murdered by one Kambarami and his female accomplice.

“Josiah was hired by the couple on Sunday after the two had indicated they wanted to tour Great Zimbabwe ruins.

The two then offered to pay Josiah USD $100 and he became suspicious. He called his friend Lucky who then accompanied him during his errands with the couple.

The couple then left Lucky at a braai spot in Mucheke Suburb.

Upon arrival at Backpackers Lodge, Kambarami and his girlfriend assaulted Josiah and he died on the spot,” police said.

“The two dumped Josiah’s body near Masvingo Teachers’ College and Kambarami was then arrested near Beatrice.”

Kambarami and his girlfriend are in cells at Masvingo Central Police Station.

Hotel workers blamed

Masvingo residents have been angered by the fact that local taxi driver Josiah Rimai was brutally murdered near Masvingo Central Police Station.

The alleged killers allegedly bribed workers at Backpackers Lodge before brutally killing Rimai.

After hearing Rimai screaming for help the Backpackers Lodge workers never bothered to alert the police.

The lodge is situated 100 metres from Masvingo Central Police Station.

“We are not happy with the fact that the workers at Backpackers Lodge did not bother to alert the police as Rimai was calling for help.

Above all we expect police officers to be alert,” fumed one taxi driver.

Murder scene: Blackpackers lodge