Kadoma MDC councillor who was jailed 2 months ago for burning Zanu PF offices has been released after he appealed to High Court.

He was seen yesterday, Wednesday, celebrating together with his supporters.

A long serving ward 2 Kadoma councillor; Michael Gore was jailed in February for four years for allegedly taking party in the destruction of a Zanu PF party office in Kadoma that was later burnt down.

Gore was slapped with a four year sentence, with one year being set aside on condition that he does not commit  a similar offence within the next five years.

Circumstances are that on January 19 at the height of the violence that claimed 17 lives across Zimbabwe, councillor Gore was allegedly spotted throwing missiles at Kadoma Zanu PF party offices and later vanished to attend a funeral.

He was then arrested at Kadoma courts while visiting party members who had also been arrested in connection with the violence.

Gore denied any wrongdoing saying the violence took place while he was at the said funeral and only passed by the scene.