ZINASU president Takudzwa Ngadziore was kidnapped, tortured and dumped in Harare today.

He was holding a press conference 101 metres from Impala Car Rental whose car was used in the abduction of another citizen.

His attackers removed his trousers, pulled his penis, and severely beat him.

After being kidnapped, tortured, he was later handed to the Police by ZANU-PF youths and is currently detained at Harare Central Police Law and Order Section.

Meanwhile, a ZLHR Lawyer is attending attacked and arrested Zinasu President and some Zimbabwe Human Doctors for Human Rights are on their way to attend to him at Harare Central Police.

Ngadziore was recently granted bail after being arrested for demonstrating at Impala Car Rental.

Part of his bail conditions were that he must not get anywhere within 100m away from Impala Car Rental, hence he demonstrated about 101m away from the company.