MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa was attacked by some disgruntled elements of his party who painted graffiti at the party’s Bulawayo provincial offices denigrating him for alleged dictatorship and tribalism.

It is suspected the graffiti attacking Mr Chamisa was written between midnight and early morning and party members who arrived at the offices earlier quickly notified their leadership.


Some of the messages written on the walls and gate to the party provincial office attacking the man of the people include, “Chamisa ule nketha betshabi (Chamisa you are tribalistic), “Chamisa usubulele i MDC” (Chamisa you have destroyed MDC), “Chamisa a worse dictator”, “Chamisa uyadelela” (Chamisa you are disrespectful) among other derogatory and inflammatory messages.

To avoid embarrassment, the party moved quickly to erase the graffiti by painting over the insults and erasing the messages off the wall by 10 AM.

The grueling graffiti was meant to welcome Mr Chamisa who was in Bulawayo for the party’s provincial caucus where contestants vying for posts at the party’s scheduled congress were presenting their manifestos.