The country’s southern borders with Botswana (Plumtree) and South Africa (Beitbridge) re-opened as planned at 6am today with low activity under a new set up where passenger traffic including motorists and pedestrians is now allowed passage through the port of entries.

Strict and safe covid-19 screening methods are being carried on all those leaving or entering the country.

Before the reopening of the borders to more traffic, today, Plumtree and Beitbridge were handling 5000 and 15 000 people daily.

Zimbabwe suspended passenger traffic through its borders from March to control the spread of the pandemic.

Until today, only commercial cargo, returning residents, bodies for burial and diplomatic on Government business were allowed to pass through the borders.

When The Herald arrived at the Beitbridge around 5am, there were very few people and security had been beefed up at all entry and exit points of the border parameter.

Those travellers without valid travel documents were being turned away.

In addition, the use of foot baths, automated thermometers, the use of hand washing water basins , the directing of traffic into light motor vehicles, buses, light commercial and heavy-duty trucks were being strictly enforced by immigration guards and a private security company engaged by Zimra.

According to one border official a total of 93 travellers left the country between 6am and 8am while 116 entered the country from South Africa.

“Activity is still low. Our understanding is that most travellers could have adopted a wait and see attitude considering the rigorous screening processes relating to covid-19 protocols,” said the source. -The Herald