This year alone 60 Zimbabweans have lost their lives to elephants and 50 injured, while in 2021, 72 people lost their lives.

Apparently, the country will hold an Elephant Summit this month.

Meanwhile, in Bubi, elephants are moving in numerous herds and have been devouring everything in the fields and are now moving into homesteads forcing community members to retaliate in the process injuring some of the elephants.

As stated by Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary, Nick Mangwana, the injured ones have become aggressive and uncontrollable.

He said last week, Campfire hunters shot down two elephants at Tshange area.

It is further reported that more were later seen at Kenilworth drinking water at Mangubeni School.

In the province, most affected areas include wards 6,8 and 21 and there is an outcry as communities experience financial, food security and property losses.