Local Government Minister, July Moyo, has certified Chivhu’s newly-acquired urban status with the coming of a new town board that will operate independently from Chikomba Rural District Council (RDC).

In a letter to the local authority gleaned by the regional Mirror newspaper, Moyo said rural Chikomba will have its creditors and debtors separated from Chivhu.

The Mirror also reported that the Town Board will be responsible for managing and leading developments in the urban area, formerly Chivhu Centre.

“In terms of section 57 of the Rural District Council Act (Chapter 29:13) I hereby appoint Chivhu Centre as a Town Board. The Town Board will be responsible for managing and leading development in Chivhu Centre,” partly reads the letter from Minister Moyo’s office.

A four-member team, tasked with assisting the local authority’s initiation of the Town Board Committee in a space of ten days, was also appointed by Minister Moyo.

Led by Rural Local Authorities director, a C Mudavanhu, other members of the team include, an M. Mazani, a J. Chauke, and a K. Mayoyo.

The Mudavanhu-led team will assist in the distribution of assets between the RDC and the Town Board, apportion staff and come up with modalities for sharing of costs that are cross-cutting, separate creditors and debtors, ascertain the boundary of Town Board and review its Local Development plan in adherence to the Smart City concept.

There will also be nomination process for members to compose the Town Board committee other than elected councilors. mirror.