It has, indeed, been a bumpy ride leading to this Friday’s envisaged anti-government protests for the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition MDC Alliance after its Mwenezi East chairperson George Makonzo became the latest official to be embroiled in police trouble.

Makonzo was reportedly picked by Mwenezi police on Tuesday and is now being charged with inciting public violence after he reportedly posted comments on his Twitter handle, calling for citizens to engage in protests expected this Friday.
The announcement of his arrest was made by MDC-A youth assembly national spokesperson Stephen Chuma.

“Makonzo’s arrest add up to a high number of MDC Alliance supporters who have (been) illegally rounded up by the panic stricken regime ahead of 31 July protests,” said Chuma.

“It is very clear that the illegitimate Emmerson Mnangagwa regime do not respect freedom of expression nor freedom of opinion. In this information superhighway era, it will be injustice to this generation and generations to come for us to keep tight lipped while our basic rights are trampled upon,” he said.

Chuma also added that the Zanu PF Government ‘must know that 31 July is a reality and we never ever relent until real criminals stealing the national cake on our behalf go’.

Dissenting Zimbabweans are expected to take to the streets this Friday to protest against the perrenial economic problems bedevilling the southern African country.

Once glorified as a booming economy and the breadbasket of the Sadc region, the country has literally been condemned to a basket case following years of rampant corruption and misgovernance largely blamed on the ruling Zanu PF party.