A UK based Zimbabwean woman torpedoed her husband’s marriage to a Zim based smallhouse after she successfully approached the High Court seeking the nullification of their secret wedding arguing that she was still customarily married to him.

Dorothy Mtetwa, dragged her husband Lesley Amos and his newly found love Mavis Sibanda(pictured) who secretly tied the knot last year, to court where her plea to have the duo’s union nullified was later granted.

In an exclusive interview with ZimEye, Thursday night, Mtetwa narrated how her cheating husband left the UK clandestinely to marry his “sweetheart” secretly.

“He was just saying all sorts of things about me including that I was cheating on him, which really on the contrary was not true because it was him who would spend two weeks without coming home. He made his plans and did not tell me about his trip despite that I am the one that was very instrumental in him getting his documents in order both here in the UK and back home(sic).

Mtetwa revealed how she got wind that Amos had paid lobola for Sibanda and how he was planning to wed, through her husband’s relative.

Amos, who is related to prominent politician Margaret Dongo, initially claimed that Dongo knew about his marriage to Sibanda before back-tracking and revealing that she was never a part of it.

Said Mtetwa;

‘My husband’s sister told me that she knew this woman as her brother’s girlfriend but did not think that their relationship was that serious.”

Amos had only disclosed to a chosen few that he had paid dowry for Sibanda, which his UK based first wife Mtetwa found out.

“My advice to women who will be put in the same situation like mine is that stand up for your rights. If you are violated approach the courts for redress. In Zimbabwe, it is not too expensive. Sue them. Even when you are married customarily, you also have rights and the law recognises that marriage so sue your husband and his mistress until they know that it’s wrong.”

Mtetwa however said before taking the bold step of nullifying the duo’s marriage which she believe was done in order to facilitate for Sibanda’s entry into the UK since she is a qualified nurse, she tried to engage her husband’s concubine to advise her that Amos was married.

Amos, Mavis

“She (Sibanda) would not listen and she told me hurting words. I even advised her that she should seek other ways of coming to the UK instead of destroying my marriage but she remained adamant.”