Mnangagwa haunts corrupt Zanu PF officials

Zimbabwe’s Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo has been served with court papers that compel him to appear before a court to answer charges relating to Zimdef fraud case.

Jonathan is one of many Zanu PF officials who have been fingered in a string of yet to be investigated  cases involving money running into billions of dollars.
Moyo is accused of benefitting from close to $270 000 which was corruptly syphoned out of Zimdef by ministry and fund official.

Part of the money was used to procure bicycles for chiefs in Tsholotsho.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe National Parks have launched a full scale investigation into Jonathan Moyo’s involvement in the sale of ivory.

No formal charges have been made as they are still trying to establish if the ‘elephants money’ was misused by the education minister.

Recectly, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been rumoured to be pushing for the arrest and incarceration of all corrupt members of his party, Zanu PF, with full support of Mugabe’s office.

We reported yesterday that he is currently investigating Minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s dealing in Chinese ivory trade, and now the same ‘illegal ivory trade’ allegations are haunting Kasukuwere’s friend, Jonathan Moyo.

More details follow….