Fugitive former Zanu PF cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has taken a swipe at critics rubbishing the election of Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira to lead the Pan African Parliament (PAP).

According to Moyo, who fled the country after current president Emmerson Mnangagwa replaced the late Robert Mugabe in a November 2017 coup, those who attack Chief Charumbira for his election are ‘retrogressive’.

“It is ok to have issues with Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira over his domestic politics; but it is not ok to use your own domestic politics to rubbish his unopposed election by all of Africa’s subregions as the 5th President of the Pan African Parliament. That is retrogressive!” Moyo tweeted.

Senator Chief Charumbira shrugged off the stiff challenges from South Sudan MP Albino Aboug and Malawi’s Yeremiah Chihana, to be elected leader of the PAP during an ordinary session of the African legislative arm of the African Union in South Africa this week.

His election came after a failed attempt to elect a new leadership last year when the house descended into chaos for four days.

This was after delegates failed to agree on whether leaders should be elected or chosen on a rotational basis.