By Shakespeare Muzavazi

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo is under fire from the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union Masvingo chapter for what they described as his “unbridled avarice and corruption” as far as handling students affairs is concerned.

In a press statement the ZICOSU Masvingo chapter chairperson Mr. Tapiwa Marongere  accused Jonathan Moyo of gross incompetence and maladministration.

“The Minister of Twitter has no capacity to deal with economic problems facing students and the education system in the country; he is just a corrupt gangster and baron, crook and opportunist who line his pocket using his ministerial position.

Students are deferring their studies after failing to pay the exorbitant tertiary tuition fees while he is busy on Twitter, as students are saying enough is enough with this Minister of Twitter nonsense, read the press statement”, he said.

The whole press statement read as follows;

Jonathan, from the time you took over from Hon Muchinguri, you only managed to interfere with university processes, caused a lot of disharmony at polytechnic colleges, teachers colleges and higher learning institutions.

We witnessed your confusion when you instructed colleges to withdraw those without mathematics after they enrolled under the required conditions. Was it their problem or it was part of the government policy which allowed them to be at learning institutions?

Your no mathematics no college place policy was very good but was it necessary for you to instruct colleges to deregister the affected students? I can see you don’t even have skin on your face nor a heart.

You can not fool us Jonathan as we are fully aware that you are pushing a succession agenda abusing your nearness to those near echelons of power to mislead the nation.

The Zimdef scandal is haunting even the nation and our institution whereas you used the fund for your secessionist agenda. You bought tricycles for your constituency and funded other G40 conduits , a perennial predator preying our mother party. Don’t forget what you said before you were thrown out of Zanu Pf. You openly said Zanu Pf can only be destroyed from within and your continued attacking of national leaders shows that you are on a mission.

You are not the Information Director of Zanu Pf but you act as the government and party mouthpiece. Don’t forget the statement about father Christmas which you made long back. You equated Zanu Pf supporters to kids who believe in father Christmas. However, now you want to be holier than thou? Shut up Jonathan, Point of Order. ZICOSU Masvingo