The late nationalist Edison Zvobgo once told Parliament that half of its members were stupid, but, the Speaker of the House was not happy with the sentiments and ordered him to reverse his statement.

Zvobgo complied with the order and said: I reverse it your honour, half of the people in this August House are not stupid.

In a Zvobgo fashion, MDC-Alliance deputy Chairperson, Job Sikhala told mourners at the funeral of the late MP Annah Muyambo, yesterday that the courts barred him from inciting people by saying President Emmerson Mnangagwa should go, but not from quoting others saying so.

“The court barred me from saying Mnangagwa should go and I won’t say it.

“However, I want to tell you that the late MP (Muyambo) we are mourning today used to say, Mnangagwa should go because he has failed the nation.

“Please quote me right! It’s not me who is saying Mnangagwa should go, but it is the late MP who used to say ‘Mnangagwa should go’ because he failed the nation,” said Sikhala amid echoes of ululations.

He emphasized; “I won’t say much, otherwise they will say I told mourners that Mnangagwa should go. But I want to repeat this, the late MP Muyambo used to say Mnangagwa is a failure and should go.”

Sikhala also urged his party leadership to find a strategy to dislodge the country’s current leadership who found themselves at the helm despite being so unpopular.

“Yesterday as I was driving from parliament, I found myself deep in thought, as to why unpopular leaders are in power while the popular ones are not.

“Morgan Tsvangirai was popular than Robert Mugabe, but, he died without tasting power.

“Today, Nelson Chamisa is more popular than Mnangagwa and/ or Thokozani Khupe, but they are both in power, while he is not.

“We need a strategy to convert our popularity into power, otherwise we will all die without tasting power,” he said.

Sikhala was addressing mourners at the late MP Muyambo’s funeral, she was an MP for Harare province after entering parliament on a proportional representation party list died on Thursday morning.

She suffered from stress and a stroke after the recall and it is believed that contributed to her demise.

The MDC-T has expelled 32 MDC Alliance MPs and over a hundred councillors in a purge of loyalists of MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

The recalled MPs face the risk of having vehicles issued by Parliament withdrawn, as well as diplomatic passports. They also stand to lose salaries of around Z$20,000 (about US$200).