A JEHOVAH’S Witness Church member is the talk of the town in Kariba after a nude video of him masturbating went viral on social media.

Michael Makahwi of Batonga in the resort town, has become a shame to his family and church after his act was caught on camera.

Makahwi was a regular congregant at the Jehovah Witness Church in Nyamhunga 2.

He has now been rejected by his fellow church members.

He blamed a former girlfriend for the viral video.

“She said she was going to fix me and saved the video so that she would blackmail me,” said Makahwi.

He said she used a Zambian line to post the shameful video.

“I think the church yandaipinda yakapedza nhau iyi and I was disfellowshipped, which was correct.”

“I sat down with my family and apologised for dragging the name of the family into disrepute.

“My family won’t be happy if you keep posting this on social media.

“My wife was almost admitted to hospital after seeing this video, but she is better now.”

He said even his son in secondary school was affected by the video and was now the subject of jokes at school.

“Publishing this is like re-opening old wounds,” said Makahwi.