Ivy Kombo is living in fear as she may lose her two minor children to social services department in the United Kingdom.

The gospel singer and her husband are being charged with fraud in court after fraudulently getting their law licences.

The musician has temporarily applied to the court to reclaim her passport to take her children to the United Kingdom, where she is based for school.

Ivy Kombo shared in her application that schools opened in the UK, and her children’s schools demand that they return to class.

In her application, through their lawyer, Shylet Mapanje, Ivy Kombo begged the court to let her take her kids back.

She claims she only wants to travel with her children as she can only take them besides her husband.

When the couple came to Zimbabwe, they travelled for a church conference and brought their minor kids along as they were on holiday breaks.

Magistrate Donald Ndirowei is set to rule on the application today, while the state objects to the application, claiming Ivy Kombo will take the chance to flee.

The couple are accused of perjury and fraud after illegally obtaining their certificate with the Council for Legal Education, which allows them to practise law in Zimbabwe.

The couple is being charged with paying to get their credentials instead of writing exams like everyone else In the field.