Revelations from Former Opposition MP, Eddie Cross indicate that Former Zimbabwean first lady is prepared to kill President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the G40 cabal is regrouping and buying weapons to wage a war to oust Mnangagwa.

Speaking as guest speaker at the popular Cape Town Press Club on Thursday evening Cross said Intelligence sources suggest G40 buying weapons to oust Mnangagwa.

He also revealed that South Africa and China gave Zimbabwe a coup go-ahead on Mugabe.

Here are highlights of what he said:

Grace Mugabe was prepared to even murder President Mnangagwa.

SA agreed and China gave coup go-ahead. It was done extremely efficiently – Police was disarmed – Army took control – it was legitimate, a military-assisted transition, not a coup because the population supported it.

G40 held 100seats and were intended to remove ED but he survived the election by the skin of his teeth.

Mnangagwa is committed to reform. He has not received sufficient recognition for what he has done. But he has to deal with recalcitrant elements in his party. – Intelligence sources suggest G40 buying weapons.

Mnangagwa reduced police hierarchy, fired the militia – the security committee no longer running the politics -Moving towards a civil democracy. Zimbabwe has gone from a 40% deficit to a balance of payment surplus – by the end of next quarter Zim will have a floating currency