Former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi has questioned if Zimbabwe is now captured by corrupt church people.

“Is the State now captured by smooth talking snake oil Church salesmen .. some have become gold merchants for corrupt politicians and money launderers while others are promising additional fifteen years to life expectancy of voters

“Todii nana Papa ava,” he says.

Meanwhile, Mzembi has saluted renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono for having been right when he reported of grand corruption in Zimbabwe.

“The majority of the people in the world struggle with accepting kuti you were right what you saw at the time in a situation or person was damn right.

“They instead dig in and get more angry with you for having been right . Munhu anonetsa,” he adds.

Mzembi made the sentiments responding to reports alleging that Eubert Angel is fore front smuggling gold.

Angel is said to be President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s ally.

He has been named in a corruption documentary by Aljazeera News Agency.

The documentary is expected to be premiered late today.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has since launched a probe against Angel.