#Gaps in Mnangagwa’s bio data: Jonathan Moyo starts hot debate on Mnangagwa’s origins..Why did he join a Zambian political party, why did Ian Smith’s Rhodesia deport him to Zambia in 1973?

“…I feel I have come back home after about 40 years outside Zambia, the country which made me who I am today…” Mnangagwa’s wrote in a visitors book at Zambia State House in January 2018.

Writing about Zimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit to Zambia  on 19 January 2019, a Zambian publication said Ed felt at home being back to Zambia.

It went on to say “He(Mnangagwa) was born in Mumbwa in Central Province and went to School in Zambia. There are many people from Zimbabwe living in Mumbwa, Zambia.”

Now below, people have many questions: