If you go looking back a few years ago, you would find Twitter one of the most popular applications. Even today its popularity is no less but somehow Instagram’s engagement and users have increased to a very high level in the past few years. 

Twitter is used by numerous people, however, businesses today tend to focus more on Instagram as the purpose and engagement of Instagram is driven to the area more. 

Twitter is considered more of a networking app where people come to express their thoughts on bigger subjects. Even politicians and other public personalities are more active on Twitter. 

However, if you are looking forward to growing as an influencer or thinking of growing your brand online, you should probably go for Instagram, considering the other aspects. Go through the blog to know more about both platforms. 

How Does Each of the Two Platforms Function?

In terms of functionality, both are quite different. 

Instagram is a platform where people tend to share more of the content that is unique, created on their own for the purpose of posting it on the platform solely. 

However, Twitter is a platform where people tend to circulate more of the content that is already present. It does not make Twitter any less in terms of its functionality, however, people use this platform more to be updated on global affairs. 

Let’s look at the other aspects that make both platforms differ from each other.

Features of Twitter and Instagram: A Direct Comparison 

If we look at this aspect of these social media applications, Instagram would be the winner. Instagram frequently comes up with new features to keep the users engaged. 

Even influencers and brands who are trying to gro on this platform have a better chance of accomplishing so with the variety of features this platform offers. 

Whereas, Twitter is more of a conventional form of social media. Twitter is a better platform if you like to share your thoughts and views on current subjects or debate about them and even try to interact with your customers as a brand. 

However, if you are trying to post a lot of content to reach a larger audience, Instagram is a better option. It has a lot of features like the recent one that Instagram launched, Reels has gained a lot of popularity.


If you are a brand and looking to socialize with your customers directly, you can choose twitter. However, if you are trying to interact with them through the content you’re posting you must surely choose Instagram.

Instagram has a lot of functions that help you post the best content with less effort. Lots of filters, effects, and stickers that are available on Instagram help you convey your ideas and values to people through your content. 

If we talk about Twitter, if you wish to interact with your viewers directly, visual content is not a good choice. Twitter is a platform where you need to directly convey your message to the viewers through a tweet. 

You can always post pictures on Twitter as well, but that is not a good choice as the purpose of the platform is different. 

Although Twitter is about exchanging opinions and keeping pace with global information and events. Whereas, the other one is for exhibiting your nicest photographs and clips to the viewers while connecting and communicating with fellow creators as well. 



The Instagram community is growing strong day by day. And if you want to build a strong community as well Instagram is your go-to app. This also gives you a chance to collaborate with influencers and increase your chances to grow on the platform more. 

Whereas on Twitter, it is more restricted to your own thoughts and beliefs rather than portraying them as a group. 

Building a community on Instagram gives you exposure to a bigger audience where you can promote your brand, increase your reach and ultimately reach bigger objectives that you have. 

This platform gives you a bigger opportunity to keep your followers engaged. Even individuals on Instagram tend to visit the profiles of businesses and influencers more who they admire which also increases your chance of hitting a bigger target.

This also helps you increase your followers. You can also consider buying Instagram followers

Purpose and Nature

While Instagram has content more on topics that are open to all. Twitter is the complete opposite. It is mainly used to share pictures and videos of people themselves.  

Instagram gives an insight more into people’s lifestyle rather than the overall context related to any present topic going out globally. 

The purpose and nature of both these platforms are quite different while you can either try using both or focus and put all your efforts into one. 


Both Instagram and Twitter share sponsored content. This is one of the major sources of their revenue. 

The difference is the way they both show their sponsored content. The monetized content on Twitter comes up in between tweets that mention “promoted.”

Whereas, on Instagram, there are better options where you can have your ads posted. It could be between the posts on a person’s feed or in the explore tab. While Instagram also has an option where the promoted content can be shared within the stories. Here the ad is displayed as “sponsored”. 

Instagram even has a shopping feature where brands can directly link their product for purchase. This is a very good option for brands looking to expand their business online while also giving outreach to a bigger number of people. 


If we see the current scenario Instagram is definitely the most chosen application for businesses and influencers to grow. 

However, if you wish and have enough time to handle both platforms, you can share your content and try to grow on both. 

This way you would also gain your own experience and can make better decisions in the future for the growth of your brand through your own insights. 

Though you would have to create different content for both the platforms as the nature of both the social media platforms is different.