In the 80s and early 90s, Patrick Mkwamba rocked the Zimbabwe airwaves, churning out hits that have stood the test of time and still sound as good as ever.

BUT the veteran musician has nothing to show for his great contribution to the Zimbabwean music industry.

The man, who is now way past his retirement age, says the going is getting tough and even made a passionate plea to the standard reporter to organise shows for him.

“Times are hard my friend. Now I don’t mind if someone invites me to perform just for a plate of sadza. If you have access to the promoters, please organise something for me,” the veteran musician said, as he wiped his sweaty face.

The wrinkles on his face tell the story of a man who has seen it all in life and showbiz, but he has nothing to show for the years spent strumming the guitars.

Last Monday the 66-year-old performed at a local bar in Harare where he was paid $20.

Ironically, Mkwamba’s most famous hits include the 1984 song Bhonasi, released during the time the country used to afford to pay bonuses and Usambonyara Kusekwa.

Government is yet to pay 2016 civil servants’ bonuses.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been on a free-fall and like other ordinary people in the country, musicians have been hard-hit.