Information implicating former Mozambican President Joachim Chissano in the death of the country’s first leader Samora Machel, has resurfaced.

Chissano was Mozambique Foreign Affairs Minister from 1975 to 1987 and despite the fact that foreign affairs ministers always travel with their heads of states, he stayed home as if he knew the plot to assassinate Machel.

And some are asking: “Why did he miss the Fateful Flight from Lusaka which Killed President Samora.

“How did he miss a Meeting of the Frontline Leaders? Did he Privately meet with the Apartheid Regime leaders who killed Samora?”

Macado Manuel asks: “Never you are not far from the truth. Chissano is not a saint. Chissano was the minister of foreign affairs from 1975 to 1987.

“In october 1986, Chissano skipped the trip to Lusaka, where Samora was killed on his way back to Maputo. Minister of foreign affairs staying home?”