After winning 3 gold trebles in Olympics 100 and 200 meters Jamaican sports legend Usain Bolt has been caught up in controversy after photos of him in bed with a Brazilian student were posted online yesterday.

bolt cheating

This came as a shock given that Bolt is planning to marry his girlfriend Kasi Bennett in the near future.

Jady Duarte, a 20 year old Rio based university student shared images of the shirtless Bolt on her Whatsapp after spending a night with the world’s fastest runner.

Miss Duarte tweeted in Portuguese to say her night with the sprinter was”not a big deal” and “normal”, admitting she had not realised she had bedded the world’s most popular track athlete.

Her friend recognised the face of Bolt and leaked the tapes to the local press.

bolt caught in bed

“The effect is very negative,” she told a Brazilian news website. “I never wanted to have my private life exposed like that, I’m dying of shame.”

Last weekend, Bolt’s mother and sister told reporters that he was about to get married.

The athlete’s sister, Christine Bolt-Hylton, told reporters that Bolt and his girlfriend(pictured below) are serious and expects the couple to get engaged on his return to the UK.

bolt girlfriend

Bolt’s girlfriend Kasi Bennett