Just this morning people called me saying your pilot crashed and passed away soon after dropping me, I’m thinking it’s just false rumours.

I’m calling the owner of the Helicopters I booked from he confirmed it’s true he crashed and died the next day on Sunday as he was coming from picking up another client.

I don’t know him I just booked for Chikopokopo services and when I went on board he opened the door for me saluted and said I’m honoured to be taking you to your big day

Becky called at the same time and said can you delay coming to the venue by 20 minutes? He said no ma’am, I got to take you now because a dark cloud is coming was this the dark cloud he meant? I’m traumatized right now.

My brother I don’t know what to say, may your soul Rest In Peace and thank you even if I don’t know you personally for the hospitality you gave me those few minutes I knew you.

May his family be comforted this is terrible time. Ah God, why???

Mai Titi