Many people talk of the gift that kept on giving. Its a good thing. But, in Zimbabwe, for journalism and journalists, Professor Jonathan Moyo was not good at all. Far from a gift, he was the curse that kept on screwing.

Professor Jonathan Moyo has heavily criticized public owned but state operated media in Zimbabwe.

He has joined the band of critics that for years have lamented the ‘state of state media’. But of course, he remains the man responsible for destroying media ethics, introducing a new brand of compromised ethics.

From stories that were made up altogether, to running newspapers like private tuck-shops, he has done it all.

A few weeks ago, first lady Grace Mugabe gave Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba a massive tongue lashing over the very same matter, albeit for massive factional interests, or perhaps missing the Moyo culture.

Yet, where integrity is the question, the questioner is the problem, and the answer.

Today (not in the literal sense) he cries foul. “I am being screwed” he says.

Yesteryear, he was doing the screwing.

Even more, he was setting and creating a culture for screwing everyone over. khuluma