Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema says his critics who accuse him of harassing his predecessor, former president Edgar Lungu, are not telling the truth and are being unfair.

Hichilema says although he was a victim of Lungu’s harassment and imprisonment, he will not seek revenge as he does not think like that and was never brought up like that.

Apparently, few weeks ago, heavily armed police officers raided Lungu’s home.

They used electric grinders to cut iron gates to get entry.

This was viewed by many critics as Hichilema’s way to settle political scores.

During ex Zambian president Lungu’s time, Hichilema was subjected to unfair treatment, being arrested and detained for no apparent reason, only to be released later.

Lungu even promised to lock Hichilema up, had he won the 2022 polls, which he went on to lose.