Renowned sociallite (Felistas Murata) Mai TT has pleaded with court for leniency in her mitigation at the Harare Magistrates’ Court before sentencing.

The comedienne pleads with Court that:

1. She is a first offender
2. a mother of two children.
3. She is HIV positive.
4. There was no permanent deprivation of the property.
5. The motor vehicle was recovered intact during the substance of a hire agreement between the accused and complainant.
6. That agreement did not bar the accused from giving the car to a 3rd party.

7. There was no permanent deprivation as it was recovered in full.
8. “I acknowledged that I still owes the complainant its hiring out fees and there cannot be any talk of the complainant making good on its loss as it continued to charge its hire out fees.”
9. “The crime was committed as a result of the financial woes that I am facing. I did not personally benefit from the crime so the court should treat that aspect as highly mitigatory.

Apparently, the court is expected to hand down its judgment at 14: 15pm this afternoon.