Around 2008, there arose an unprecedented increase in armed robberies around Zimbabwe. Banks and other business establishments all over the country became easy targets for criminals whose greed was bumped when the US Dollar became the primary medium of exchange for goods and services in Zimbabwe.

A growing security situation was at hand the late Robert Mugabe was briefed. He gave one word and within a few weeks, most of the criminals responsible for robberies and murders had been shot dead. Men and women with special skills were charged with neutralising the threat and do that they did in record time. Their orders, “shoot to kill”, delivered a very strong message to those tempted into a life of profit from terrorism and murder. The rates went drastically down and the threat was contained. They did not arrest armed robbers and their associate suppliers of arms. They put them down and the crimes stopped.

It’s in times of threats like Mashurugwi that we remember Mr Mugabe and, well, wish he was here. You would not even be hearing of Mashurugwi. Funerals for the terrorists and their buyers would have been held for them by their families. Mr Mugabe had ZERO tolerance for nonsense like that.

Under Mnangagwa, murderous terrorist Mashurugwi have rights, and those rights Mnangagwa respects. Terrorists are called “gangs”. But law abiding and peaceful Zimbabweans, that’s another story. Just try demonstrating and see what the Army will do to you. Even those who weren’t part of those demonstrations will be forced out of their homes and punished severely. People like Matemadanda and Mutodi , frothing at their dentally challenged mouths, will promise death and destruction to protestors. Just say “Mashurugwi” and they become deaf and dumb!

Zimbabweans have a name for them – “Ediots”. And that, they are!!

stanley goreraza