A police officer who stabbed his stepdaughter 15 times with a pair of scissors in an alleged sexual attack pulled a shocker in court when he denied ever trying to rape his victim arguing that it was just a fight over food that degenerated into violence.

Constable Nigel Jalasi (27), appeared in court on Monday facing allegations of raping and murdering his stepdaughter, Olga Nyasha Ungani (19).

In a statement that stunned the gallery, Jalasi said

I did not rape her but we had an altercation in the kitchen over food and we tussled until we reached the main bedroom. When we fell down that is when I took a scissors and stabbed her.

Jalasi was remanded to the 27th of May, defense counsel advised to apply for bail at the High Court, as prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa strongly opposed the admission of the accused to bail.