Top poet and Shona expert Chirikure Chirikure has encouraged students to study arts as they offer as many good opportunities as any other area of study.

Speaking at the official opening of Mbuya Mary Simbi Library at Makudo Business Center under Chief Chitsa in Gutu on Saturday. Chirikure who is an author of several Shona novels that are set books for O, A, and University level said he has so far travelled to 45 different countries in the World courtesy.

He said many friends at university used to discourage him against studying arts. He, however, insisted and specialized in Shona and has flourished since then writing dozens of poems that were translated into many different languages.

“Arts are important because they promote your country, culture, and identity. I want to urge the youth to go ahead and study arts. There are also a lot of opportunities that come with arts.

“Just last night I arrived from Dubai where I was attending Sharjah International Bookfair,” said Chirikure.

Chirikure then recited his poem titled Kanyanisa. The theme of the poem is oppression. He says in the poem that the powerful have the audacity of making the weak eat their vomit.

The powerful can make the weak eat their vomit, eat human waste, eat mucus but it’s only one day that the oppressed will rise and make the powerful eat back that waste says Chirikure in the riveting poem.

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