Makhadzi has refuted reports from Botswana suggest that she was arrested in the country hours before her show on Boxing Day kicked off.

According to the reports the celesongstress was only released from police custody after she signed a court document.

However, in response, Makhadzi denied the reports that she had been arrested.

She also denied receiving any papers or court documents. On her official Facebook page, Makhadzi is promoting a Ladies’ Night show on Thursday at Cabal Villa the same day she is allegedly supposed to be in Botswana performing her first show.

“I can see allegations of me being arrested, to all my fans please stop entertaining the lies, no Police came to arrest me, and I haven’t received any papers.

“I am safe and free as I am speaking now, I am eating my Christmas at rehearsals room, preparing for my show for at GIYANI STADIUM. Please come support me,” Makhadzi said.

Meanwhile, Makhadzi recently made headlines after disclosing that she has Zimbabwean origin.