A ZANU PF member of Parliament denied knowing a Mberengwa woman who accused him of breaking his virginity and failure to marry her as he had promised.

Tafanana Zhou, who represents Mberengwa North, is being sued by Henrietta Tafadzwa Chauke (35), a student nurse in Harare.

Chauke last week filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court through her lawyers Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers.

Zhou has, however, challenged the summons through his lawyer Tawanda Tavengwa of Mutuso, Taruvinga and Mhiribidi Legal Practitioners. Said Zhou:

The respondent is not personally known to me and I have never met her and what I know is that I received WhatsApp messages from a person who alleged to be the respondent making sexual advances towards me. The person went as far as introducing herself to me by sending me her pictures and I did not respond.

I submit that the respondent cannot prove at all that she is known to me and that I had sexual intercourse with her.

Chauke is demanding to be paid $30 000 from Zhou for contumelia arising from his broken promise of marrying her.