DJ Fantan’s former wife, Gamuchirai Nemukuyu, has sent the social media ablaze after sharing pictures of her with a male friend.

Gamu made it clear that she had now closed the DJ Fantan chapter.

Recently Gamu fuelled rumours she might have found a new lover, to comfort her, after posting pictures, with a male friend.

Contacted for comment Gamu, cleared the air concerning the picture circulating on social media.

“Am I not allowed to take pictures with male friends or church mates and post them?

“Why do people believe anything they see on social media?

“Who said he is my boyfriend?” asked Gamu.

“The guy is my friend who I haven’t seen for the past five months.

“He goes to Kuwadzana circuit and I go to Mbare.

“So, after church, we took pictures, which I personally posted on my page.

“Besides that, I am now single, do I need to be explaining to the whole world about my business?”