VETERAN football commentator, Charles “CNN” Mabika, who was recently inducted into the Sports Journalism Hall of Fame, is alive and well.

Sickening rumours of his death raged on social media platforms with “RIP Mabika” posts doing the rounds early yesterday morning.

The legendary commentator told H-Metro that the rumours were being spread by someone that wishes him dead.

Mabika said he still has more years of giving his followers undivided attention.

“I’m alive and kicking,” said Mabika.

“I don’t feel any pain, I’m fit and strong.

“It was very shocking that someone had the nerves to spread such lies.

“I really felt for the people who appreciate what I do.

“I’m still here until God says my time has come.”

He added:

“I don’t know what I did wrong to deserve all this.

“I want to thank everyone who checked on me.

“I appreciate the love, it’s very sad that we now have people who are misusing social media to please their hateful interests.”