In a series of alarming incidents, a hyena has attacked at least six individuals in Makoni District, causing some to sustain severe injuries. Two of the victims are currently hospitalized, with one left with a disfigured face as a result of the attacks.

A local resident recounted a harrowing encounter with the elusive hyena, which has been instilling fear among villagers. According to the witness, one man named Neilrake was attacked by the hyena near a dam in Maendaenda as they were returning from a funeral. Neilrake’s cries for help prompted another man to intervene with an axe, striking the hyena and causing it to flee. Neilrake suffered serious injuries, including a bitten arm and severe damage to his nose and mouth, and is currently undergoing treatment in a Harare hospital.

More recently, the Chikandiwa family and Chief Gwasira were traveling towards the Tembo area when they observed people fleeing near the same bridge where Neilrake had been attacked. They came across a distressed couple in need of assistance, as the woman had been bitten on her back by the hyena. In their efforts to fend off the pursuing hyena, the chief was also attacked and sustained a leg injury. Chief Gwasira was subsequently transported to Harare for medical treatment.