All is not well at Mbare Musika bus terminus where four people are reported to have been severely injured after an altercation broke out over ranking space between rival bus operators.

The local paper, H-Metro reports that the fracas occurred on Easter Monday when touts aligned to a rival bus company attacked crew members from a new operator Homeboy bus.

The alleged attackers  are reported to have obstructed passengers from entering the Homeboy bus at the Mutare  rank, insisting that the bay belonged to them.

One of the victims Willy Josi,  who is nursing injuries furnished the publication with information on what transpired.

” I feel sorry for my crew after seeing what happened to them, they were attacked by a gang of touts for introducing plastic money in the wake of hard cash challenges, and for loading passengers into our bus. This has always been the case whenever a new operator tries his luck on the Harare-Nyanga route. I don’t know wether these touts are sent by owners at CAG or what, but I am appealing to the Ministry (Transport)   and police to investigate,”said Josi who runs the bus Home

Josi also added that, the prevailing circumstances forced him to make a  complaint with the police since two  of his four crew members  suffered  broken ribs and were taken to Harare Central Hospital for treatment.

Police have however launched a man hunt for the perpetrators of the violence with the case reported under RRBB3987941.